2022 annual report available

During the spring of 2022, the Foundation ‘s board participated in a multi-day strategic planning retreat and revised the Foundation’s mission statement, organizational vision, core beliefs, values and organizational goals. It continued its work through the fall with the creation of a new strategic plan.

The Foundation’s aim with the new plan is to expand on the organization’s core strategy. The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation’s goals are now: Educate, Invest, Strengthen. Importantly, the board was clear that the Foundation will apply an equity lens to all aspects of its work going forward.

Educate encompasses increasing stakeholder knowledge of the determinants and state of children’s health across New Hampshire

Invest recognizes the importance of our grantmaking role in focusing investment in stakeholder organizations and initiatives that improve children’s health and health equity.

Strengthen builds the organizational capacity and effectiveness required to achieve our mission.

In 2022 the Foundation also provided more than $883,000 in 23 grant awards and other related investments to support the work of our partner organizations and to move our mission forward.

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