Foundation supports new efforts to improve food access and active living

The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation made grants to three organizations during its spring grant round.

In support of its reducing food insecurity funding priority, it awarded $18,000 to Merrimack Country Conservation District to create community and school gardens that will give children and families the opportunity to grow their own produce.

It also providing the UNH Foundation with $20,000 to enable it to work with partner organizations to advance policy recommendations increasing participation in federal nutrition programs, and to increase access to affordable, culturally appropriate, fresh, and local foods for children and families at risk of food insecurity.

In support of the Foundation’s strategy to reduce childhood obesity, the Strafford Regional Planning Commission will receive $40,000 over two years to create an online story map and interactive marketing and outreach campaign to draw attention to regional recreation opportunities for families with young children.

The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation is a leading funder for children’s health in the state, distributing $800,000 or more each year to community health centers, health policy organizations and community-based organizations to deliver on its mission and strategic priorities.

The next Call for Responsive Grant Proposals opens August 1, 2020, at which time requests for funding to support projects that prevent childhood obesity, promote oral health or reduce food insecurity will be considered.