More than $800,000 in grant awards made in 2018

The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation awarded more than $800,000 during the 2018 program year. The funding benefitted 17 health-related initiatives and projects at nonprofit and community organizations across the state.

The foundation’s grants address the health of New Hampshire’s youngest and most vulnerable children ages 0-5, their families, and the communities where they live.

The foundation recently announced a change in its funding process. For 2019, the priorities Increasing Access to Children’s Health and Dental Insurance Coverage and Preventing and Reducing Childhood Trauma will no longer be included in our biannual Call for Proposals. We will continue to fund these two priorities, however it will be through a new strategic grantmaking model.

Three funding priorities will remain in our traditional Responsive Call for Proposals portfolio: Preventing Childhood Obesity, Promoting Oral Health, and Reducing Food Insecurity. The next call for letters of inquiry in these priority areas will be issued on February 1.