New report analyzes Monadnock Region food access

The Monadnock Region Food Access Analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of assets and gaps in children’s and families’ food security programs in the Monadnock Region. The analysis was conducted by Southwest Region Planning Commission during the spring of 2021 on behalf of the Monadnock Children’s Food Access Alliance (Alliance). A newly published report includes the findings of the analysis. The Alliance will use the report findings to develop a Food Access Plan that fills identified gaps in programs and services and outlines funding opportunities.

The report contains a detailed description of the present food access system in the Monadnock Region including:

1) Household food insecurity and related demographic data

2) Region-wide inventory of food access points, programs, and services

3) Maps depicting connections and gaps within the food access system

4) Alliance network assessment

5) Description of food access system models and best practices.