NH contraception access study released

In 2019, the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation implemented a directed grantmaking model aimed at strengthening protective factors and early intervention practices to prevent or ameliorate adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

One component of the model is the reduction of unintended pregnancy through increasing awareness and availability of all contraceptive methods so that people are empowered to confidently decide if and when they want to parent. To inform the development of this work, New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation, joined by a funding partner, supported an assessment of the current landscape of sexual and reproductive health care services in New Hampshire. The overarching objectives of the assessment, conducted in 2021, were to:

  • Understand the current landscape of access to and education about contraceptive methods in New Hampshire; and
  • Examine the barriers that individual patients face in accessing contraceptives and other sexual and reproductive health care.

The Executive Summary of the assessment can be found here >

The Full Report here >