Spring 2021 Grant Round Open

The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation grant application process is now open for the following funding priorities:

  • Promote oral health for children through age five and pregnant women
  • Prevent childhood obesity with a focus on children through age five
  • Reduce food insecurity

Requests for single year projects up to $20,000, and multi-year requests up to $60,000 will be considered.

All interested applicants are required to submit an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI) by February 15.

Organizations submitting a Letter of Inquiry that best meets New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation funding criteria will then be invited to submit a full application. Not all letters submitted result in an invitation to apply for a grant.

Prior to submitting a Letter of Inquiry, we encourage you to review the application and eligibility information in What We Fund and Apply for a Grant.

Please note that our two funding priorities — Increasing Access to Children’s Health and Dental Insurance Coverage and Preventing and Reducing Childhood Trauma — are no longer included in our Call for Proposals. We continue to fund these two priorities, however it is through our strategic grantmaking model.

We anticipate two rounds of responsive grantmaking funding in 2021 with the fall round opening on August 1.

Registration is required

In order to access the online Letter of Inquiry, organizations must register with the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation. Organizations seeking funding for more than one strategy within a grant cycle must submit a separate Letter of Inquiry for each strategy.

To create a new account or log on to an existing account, click here.

Previous grant awards

Examples of past grant awards may be found here.


Please contact New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation Program Director Patti Baum at [email protected].