We Are Adding Strategic Grantmaking To Our Portfolio

During 2018, the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation Board of Directors and its staff completed a strategic planning process that has resulted in refinements to our grant making and funding approach.

For 20 years, the foundation has granted $750,000 or more each year to community health centers, health policy organizations and community-based organizations to deliver on its mission and strategic priorities.

While our staff and board were confident that the projects and initiatives we funded were worthy of support, we were unable to determine if the foundation’s funding has truly made a systemic or lasting impact on the children’s health issues the funding has intended to address.

Therefore we made a deliberate decision during the planning process to refine our funding model to make a deeper and more demonstrable impact in the lives of New Hampshire’s youngest children and their families.

In order to realistically achieve this goal, the foundation’s board and staff decided that two of our five funding priorities, Increasing Access to Children’s Health and Dental Insurance Coverage and Preventing and Reducing Childhood Trauma, will no longer be included in our Responsive Call for Proposals.  We will continue to fund these two priorities, however it will be by implementing a new strategic grantmaking model.

What we hope to achieve

The reason our board selected these two funding priorities for strategic grantmaking is that it believes the foundation has a significant opportunity to build on existing partnerships (or create new ones) and momentum in these fields. By elevating these priorities, the board hopes to accelerate the work to create real, systemic change. We understand that achieving this goal will require synergies that go well beyond our resources, but that the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation can be an important partner in these efforts.

The board is aware that the addition of strategic grantmaking to our portfolio may limit the number of organizations that benefit from the foundation’s available grant funds. At the same time, this move to direct funding will allow for stronger evaluation of New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation grant awards, and, we believe, will more likely achieve systemic change that can improve access to coverage and reduce childhood trauma across New Hampshire.

This shift to strategic grantmaking in the priority areas of Increasing Access to Children’s Health and Dental Insurance Coverage and Preventing and Reducing Childhood Trauma is effective February 1, 2019.

Responsive grantmaking continues

The three funding priorities that will remain in our traditional Responsive Call for Proposals portfolio are: Preventing Childhood Obesity, Promoting Oral Health, and Reducing Food Insecurity.  

The funding strategies for each of these priorities will continue, as the board and staff remain committed to improving the health status of young children and families.  There is no change in the process for responsive funding, i.e. Letter of Inquiry, followed by an invitation to apply, and at present we do not plan to change our funding process for these priorities.

A Call for Proposals will be released twice each year, February 1 and August 1.  Criteria and range of funding have been modified and these details will be posted in time for the February 1, 2019 Call for Proposals.

Check our website for the latest guidelines prior to submitting a Letter of Inquiry.

If you have any immediate questions or would like additional information, contact Patti Baum, Program Director, [email protected].