New Hampshire Oral Health Baseline Survey I (2017)

Identifying Oral Health Resources and Promising Practices in Community-based, Non-traditional Settings An inventory and examination of the state’s community-based oral health programs with consideration of promising and best practice criteria for use by providers, policy-makers, program planners and consumers.

Investing in the Early Years: The Costs and Benefits of Investing in Early Childhood in New Hampshire (2017)

In recent years, a confluence of research has called attention to the importance of investments in early childhood, from home visiting programs that start during the prenatal period to high-quality preschool one or two years before kindergarten entry. A first line of research is from leading developmental theories in disparate disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, and […]

2015 New Hampshire Oral Health Plan

New Hampshire has made great strides in oral health since the release of the Surgeon General’s seminal report in 2000, Oral Health in America. That report served to catalyze a range of stakeholders in New Hampshire who recognized the importance of optimal oral health as part of overall health, and together, they developed the state’s […]

Understanding NH Dental Claims Data 2014-15

This report summarizes findings from a project designed to gain understanding of dental claims data in New Hampshire. Building upon current analysis of medical claims data, the project explored the dental claims data to understand how these data can be used to better understand the landscape of oral health service delivery in New Hampshire, with […]

Healthy People Healthy Places Plan 2014-2019 – Full Report

In 2008, New Hampshire’s first Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Action Plan was launched. The plan was developed through a collaborative effort of public- and private-sector partners concerned about the increasing overweight and obesity rates within the state’s population. HEAL established a vision for a New Hampshire in which all residents improve health and quality […]

Healthy People Healthy Places Plan 2014-2019 – Executive Summary

In 2008, New Hampshire’s first Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Action Plan was launched. The plan was developed through a collaborative effort of public and private sector partners concerned about increasing rates of overweight and obesity within the state’s population. The plan included recommended goals and strategies to support and promote healthy lifestyle choices by […]

NH 2013-2014 Third Grade Healthy Smiles-Healthy Growth Survey

The New Hampshire 2013-14 Third Grade Healthy Smiles – Healthy Growth Survey was conducted between September 2013 and June 2014. The project goal was to gather uniform data on oral health and the height/weight status of third grade students, which would guide public health program planning, monitoring, evaluation, and future allocation of resources. The New […]