Retired Goffstown teacher recognized with Van Scoyoc Award

Her Friday volunteers make sure children don’t go hungry over the weekend Three years ago, this year’s Sandi Van Scoyoc Award honoree Dianne Macon was approached and asked to start a weekend food program for children in Goffstown, New Boston and Dunbarton. Starting from scratch, the newly-retired teacher quickly recruited a team of volunteers and […]

Call for Fall Grant Applications

The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation grant application process is now open for the following funding priorities: Promote oral health for children through age five and pregnant women Prevent childhood obesity with a focus on children through age five Reduce food insecurity Requests for single year projects up to $20,000, and multi-year requests up to […]

Foundation supports new efforts to improve food access and active living

The New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation made grants to three organizations during its spring grant round. In support of its reducing food insecurity funding priority, it awarded $18,000 to Merrimack Country Conservation District to create community and school gardens that will give children and families the opportunity to grow their own produce. It also providing […]

The secondary tidal wave

School closures and social isolation have adverse effects on children // A growing body of evidence indicates that children exposed to prolonged and excessive traumatic experiences like abuse or neglect suffer life-long effects. These stressors, known as Adverse Childhood Experiences, can lead to toxic levels of stress that can derail a child’s healthy development. Over […]

Significant progress made in Foundation’s strategic grantmaking

In 2019, the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation began to implement a new strategic grantmaking initiative. This model directs funding in a more intentional and coordinated fashion to drive progress in two of our five funding priorities — Prevent and Reduce Childhood Trauma and Increase Access to Children’s Health and Dental Insurance Coverage. Our expectation […]

The Children’s Health Foundation’s initial approach to addressing the coronavirus pandemic

President Gail Garceau’s remarks to NH Funder’s Forum, June 3 / / The COVID-19 crisis has a potentially far-reaching, long-term negative impact on children. Added family stresses related to the COVID-19 crisis – including job loss, isolation, excessive confinement, and anxieties over health and finances – heighten the risk of violence in the home, including […]

Driven by mission

Foundation supports essential food security work // Addressing food insecurity among the youngest children is one of the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation’s five funding priorities. It is always essential work, but it has become even more urgent during the coronavirus pandemic. Demand on food programs has increased statewide and with social distancing precautions in […]

A message to our grantees

The board and staff of New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation are acutely aware of the state and local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are assessing ways the Foundation and our resources can assist during this time. The Foundation is also aware that need will become more apparent over the next weeks and months. In […]

Assessment of New Hampshire’s Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Workforce

Executive Summary While mental health services have historically been targeted towards adolescents and adults, there is growing recognition of the need for increasing the availability and capacity of services and programs to promote healthy social, emotional development for young children and their families. The Endowment for Health and the New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation commissioned […]

Foundation’s 2019 annual report now available

In 2019 the Foundation not only awarded $989,800 in grant awards and other related investments but also leveraged more than $630,000 in additional funding for its mission partners. It also began to implement a new strategic grantmaking initiative which directs funding in a more thoughtful and coordinated fashion to drive progress in two of its […]